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1951  ~ The Nativity


The Nativity Play was probably performed on Tuesday 18 December 1951.  The Gazette of Friday 21 December 1951 reports on the Christmas celebrations at Breakspear:-

Breakspear School Christmas celebrations began on Friday night with a dance for parents and staff.  A wide selection of gifts was given away for prizes.  M.C. was 
Mr. A.H. Catslyn.

A film show was given to the infants on Monday morning by Mrs. Marriage.  In the afternoon they sat down to a large tea in the school hall.  A lighted Christmas tree stood in the hall.  Each child wore a paper hat.  After tea Santa Claus visited the children and presented each boy and girl with a gift.

Parents enjoyed a Nativity Play and carol concert on Tuesday.  Music was led by the choir, violins and recorders.

School talent was called upon on Wednesday morning at a concert.

The Rev. F. J. James, Congregational Church minister, spoke to the children on Thursday morning during the carol service.

The report also included a picture of the infants' play which has not yet been traced.  It had the following caption:

Five-year-olds of Breakspear School Annex at Ickenham Community Centre, acted the old well-loved fairy tale, “The Cobbler and the Elves,” for the mothers on Tuesday.  Each class performed an item on different days so that all the mothers could attend.

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