The Breakspear Archives

1958  ~ Group Photographs




Group photographs are unique at this date. 
They were possibly taken because of the 21st Anniversary.

4th Year (Year 6)
The staff are identified as (left to right) 
Mr. K. Jones, Mrs. B. Whittington, Mr. F. Ward (Head) 
Mrs. Scott (Deputy Head), Mr. S.R. Jones

Many of the pupils have been identified, click here for the list (pdf)

[Click on photograph to open an enlargement] 


The Staff
A paper attached to the photograph gives the following names 
(Mr Ettling’s hand, incomplete)

Mr. S.R. Jones, Mrs. Penney, Miss Rawlings, Mrs. Wilkinson, 
Mrs. Roper, Mrs. Moffat, Mr. Martin

Miss Dowrick, Mr. K. Jones, Mrs. Scott, Mr. Ward, 
Mrs. Jones, Miss Watts, Mrs. Whittington, 

Mrs. Norbury, Mrs. Steele


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