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2004 ~ 20 May: Year 6's Day at HOAC


Ready and waiting.

Quick before Shelob comes!

How do we find our way now?

Will this never end?

Following the thread

... to where?

Where am I going now?

Did I really come through that?

How to build a raft in one easy lesson.

Time for a tea break, don't you think?

We've finished ours, so we'll just try this

We've named it Titanic 2

Well, it floats

Here we go


Well, almost

Tidying up

Now what do we have to do?

More spiders' webs

Still following the thread

Did someone mention alligators?

Another group about to try 
their raft building skills

Pirates ahoy!

That was a great day!

First uploaded:29 May 2004
Last updated: 14 December 2018