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2005  ~ June: Y6, Isle of Wight - 1  


Here we are ...

on a bright Saturday morning.. 

...and off we go! Coach...

... then ferry.

Arrived at last, and time for lunch!

Hey, where's the sun gone?

Would Queen Victoria have been amused?

The beach at last! Anyone for a paddle?

Carisbrook Castle

On top of the walls.

... though I'm not sure this is 
what a cannon was for.

You wouldn't believe what 
we've just seen!

What's this, a birthday?

Look's as if Mrs Weaver's  
having a great time!

Oh dear, I'm not feeling too well.

Y6 I of W '05 - 2

First uploaded: 25 June 2005
Last updated: 16 December 2018