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Summer 2006  ~ Renewing the Roof


For a number of years the school roof had been leaking in a number of different places and cracks had been appearing in the walls.  The school had sought advice and several attempts had been made to sort out the problems.  By 2005 it was was realised that the only way forward was a major overhaul of the roof.  A national roofing consultant was commissioned to carry out a survey and produce a report.  Armed with this the school asked for a large Capital grant to carry out major works.  After much effort sufficient funding was secured to deal with two thirds of the building, covering all those areas where there were significant problems.  
At the start of July 2006 the scaffolding firm moved in.

Mr. Rutter was a little alarmed to find that the chute to remove material from the roof directly into the skip was right outside his window.

To ensure that the new roof met modern standards, special insulation material was used.

As works progressed it was possible to see just how bad the roof had become.

The coping stones along the top of the wall were removed and replace with 
a layer of wood.

This was later covered with high quality roofing material.

By early August the works were 
well advanced...

although there was still a long way to go.

Fortunately up to that point 
the weather had been good.

Because a thick layer of insulation was being added, the doorway onto the roof had to be raised.

 Also, the thin, high windows in the 

Year 5 classrooms had to be removed

and bricked up.

The insulation could then be added 

and covered. Flame torches were used...

 to melt the tar that would bind all the materials and make them waterproof.

As this section of the work neared completion...

we could see how well the building 
would be water tight in the future.

Another task the roofers did was to ...

replace the skylights.

As we got into September ...

and the start of the term...

the work drew to a close and we knew 
the school...

 would be water tight for many years 
to come.

First uploaded: 28 October 2006
Last updated: 19 December 2018