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10-16 June 2006  ~ Year 6, 
School Journey to The Isle of Wight -1


Early on Saturday 10 June Year 6 met at school 
ready for the trip to the Isle of Wight.
Here they are, ready to depart, in their two groups: 
the Cavaliers (left) and the Roundheads (right)

After the trip down to Southampton, 
we boarded the ferry,

crossed the island to arrive 
at Atherfield Bay and have lunch.

Dinosaur Isle

At Dinosaur Isle we heard about 
how rocks were formed 

and about fossils, including 
those of dinosaurs!

Osborne House
We really enjoyed seeing the Swiss Cottage
Carisbrooke Castle
After a quick photo at the main gate ...  we entered the castle grounds.
We met Jack the donkey 
on his way to the well house.
We followed to see him 
work the treadmill
All the mechanism has been fixed recently, 
but after several rotations of the wheel 
it stopped working. More repairs needed!
Then we explored the castle walls,
and the cannon in the grounds

Y6 Isle of Wight '06 - 2

First uploaded: 24 June 2006
Last updated: 20 December 2018