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19 May 2006  ~  
Breakspear Race before the Queen


On Friday 19 May 2006, 20 excited, nervous and tired children, with various invited parents, boarded the coach at 8:00 outside the school gates. We were going to the new athletic track in Uxbridge which was being opened by the Queen. The journey only took 10 minutes but then we had to remain on the coach for security checks.

Bright green bands were given to us and we entered the new track and sat down for a short while. Before the official opening, there were several races taking place.

The Queen arrived in a large black Bentley and was greeted by the B team. She watched the A team relay, spoke to our athletes and presented medals to the winners of the relay race. Everyone was lost for words as the Queen greeted us. All of the children, and teachers, had the opportunity to speak to Her Majesty the Queen.

It was surely a day that no one who was present will ever forget.

The Queen's Visit

Mrs Gray says a few words 
at the start of the morning.

No one looks too happy - 
it's 8.20 p.m., cold and windy!

Fixing the numbers is a bit tricky.

The races are underway.

'B' for Breakspear!

Miss Day sorts out the relay team...

And the Queen has come to watch!

Passing the baton

The Queen reaches the Breakspear Team

She has a few words with them.

The Queen declares 
the new race track open.

She meets some 
secondary athletes.

The Mayor accompanies the 
Queen to her car.

The races continue 
with the second relay.

The Breakspear Medal Winners


At the end of the morning all the athletes and supporters 
group for a final photograph.
That was a special occasions to remember.

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Gazette 24 May 2006

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