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11-12 December 2007  ~ Year 3
An Out of this World Christmas


There's been a delay on preparing the spacecraft, but just before Christmas the mechanics have completed the repairs.

Mission Control are excited and prepare for the Countdown...

The four-person space crew prepared to enter the spaceship ready for take-off.

..3, 2, 1 and the craft is launched.

Up in space there are thousands of stars.

However, something goes wrong, and the spaceship crashes on an unnamed planet.

The robots are sent to explore...

Then it's the crew's turn, but what are these!

These are the Zorkonians, and they look pretty fierce.
But they turn out to be peace loving with only water pistols as weapons.

The crew from earth want to return home, but their craft is damaged.  
They explain to the Zorkonians what Christmas is like.

Then they tell of the Christmas Story.

The Zorkonian's offer the crew their own ship to get back to Earth, 
and as their own planet is not a very nice place to be, they return with the crew.

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First uploaded: 14 December 2007
Last updated: 23 December 2018