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28 September 2007  ~ 
Year 5 visit Southall Gurdwara


Each year group visits a place of worship.  This is to help us better understand the diverse traditions that make up our community today.  
Year 5 visit the Sikh Gurdwara in Southall.

In the Gurdwara both man and women need to cover their heads.  
Special head coverings were loaned to those who did not have one. 
Shoes were taken off.
Also, there were no chairs or pews, as we would have in a Christian church, 
so everyone sat on the beautiful carpet that covered the floor.


There were stain glass windows, however, like the one that can be seen in the background to these pictures.

In the Gurdwara there was a talk and a chance to look in detail at some of the important things such as the book of Sikh scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib.

Year 5 stayed for Langar, that is the communal meal provided 
for anyone who would like it.
The Langar is a simple meal and is vegetarian, 
since this allows all people, of any faith, to eat the food.

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