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24 June 2008  ~ Year 3 & 4 Sports


Tuesday 24 June - Midsummer's Day
An ideal occasion for a Sports Day - and today it's the turn of Years 3 & 4.
The Vyners students have come to lead the activities, 
Year 6 are on hand to guide the children to their different activities...
And so the children assemble ready to begin.

There are eleven challenges, dribble and score a goal

Racing, with objects to collect...

Throwing... um, the balls should be in the bins, seems we need a bit more practice ...

The Vyners students ensure everyone knows exactly what to do.

This takes some doing to keep it up.

The javelins may be foam but it's still better to keep clear of them!

Time for some refreshment.

The long jump needs real effort.

Getting the ball through the hoop needs a steady arm.

While to throw from lying down is really hard work.

The victors!  But we all were, since it was a great afternoon 
and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves - it's the taking part that's important.

First uploaded: 28 June 2008
Last updated: 24 December 2018