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29 January 2008  ~ Just Trombones


'Just Trombones' are to professional musicians.  
They normally play trombones as part of Glyndebourne Opera 
but from time to time go into schools to talk about their instruments.  
They last visited us two years ago, and we were pleased to see them back.

They talked to us about their instruments. 

They showed us how it is the length of the tube, 
and using our lips that makes the different sounds 
- a hose pipe came in useful...

Well, two actually!

Then they introduced us to the early trombones, called sackbuts 
- Henry VIII's musicians would have played these.

Later, some of us got to join in.

To finish with there was something 'jazzy' for us all to clap along to. 

First uploaded: 10 February 2008
Last updated: 24 December 2018