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20 May 2008  ~ Year 6 Day at HOAC - 1


The annual trip to the Hillingdon Outdoor Activities Centre (HOAC) is always one of the highlights of the year.  On 20 May a courageous Year 6 set off for a full day of challenges.  Let's follow them and see how they did.

Miss Sanders leads off her group - who knows where?
None of them can see where they're going!

Right - hold on to the thread, don't let it go...

Meanwhile, not so far away, another group is trying to pass
from 'island' to 'island' without being eaten by crocodiles. 
There must be a way!

Yes, they're still holding onto that thread, 
though it's leading them into some rather strange places.

Y6 HOAC '08 - 2

First uploaded: 26 May 2008
Last updated: 24 December 2018