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3 March 2009 ~ 
Year 4's Visit to Harrow Synagogue - 1


On Tuesday 3 March Year 4 set off by train for Harrow Synagogue.  During the autumn term they had learnt about the Jewish faith and now would add to their understanding by visiting a place of worship.

First they gathered in the Synagogue itself.
The boys and men took caps because as a mark of respect 
males are expected to cover their heads.

Then the group was split up into four smaller groups.  
There were four activities and each small group 
would spend time doing each of the activities. 

One group heard about the scrolls containing the holy scriptures.

Another learnt about the Hebrew script and even tried writing it.

Y4 Synagogue '09 - 2

First uploaded: 06 March 2009
Last updated: 26 December 2018