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17 May 2010 ~ Year 6 Dance Competition - 1


In the first half of the summer term Year 6 have been working 
on their dance numbers for the annual competition.  
Once groups had been worked out they needed to devise a dance 
to fit this year's music, then get it up to performance standard.  

Monday morning, 17 May, the semi finals were held 
and twelve successful teams went through 
to the afternoon finals before the whole school and an expert panel of judges.  
Mrs Gray compared the event, asking performers how they thought they had done,
and audience for their views of the dances so far.  

Performers and audience alike assemble for the competition.

The first two groups set a high standard.
The first group of girls have chosen imaginative costuming.
Another group of girls followed.
Y6 Dance '10 - 2

First uploaded: 23 May 2010
Last updated: 28 December 2018