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28 April 2011 ~ A Royal Celebration - 1


The 29 April was set for the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
The day was to be a bank holiday 
but a celebration in school the day before was in order.

Before the Easter holiday Mrs Davonport and Miss Oliver had set two tasks:
design a suitable souvenir for royal occasions; and
design and make a royal 'hat'.
Today was the day for judging, and there would also be a royal quiz.

The morning's work over, we all gathered in the hall 
- what a wonderful display of red, white and blue and spectacular hats.

The judges (Mrs O'Donoghue and Mrs Gibbons) are in place 
and, class by class, we show off our hats.

We're all amazed by the wonderful ideas our friends have had.

The Royal Wedding '10 - 2

First uploaded: 29 April 2011
Last updated: 01 January 2019