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26 January 2011 ~ 
Year 4's visit to London Zoo - 1


Wednesday 26th January, and the Year 4 set off 
for the home of the Royal Zoological Society, London 
(otherwise known as London Zoo!)

Some of our work in school at the moment is about animals and this visit 
was designed to give us some first-hand experience.

We set off from Ickenham station - there are a lot of us!

Having arrived at Baker Street we set off across Regents Park.

These doors are very tall - must be the giraffes! 

And now for the butterflies.

It's very misty inside.

What are these? Pink legged ducks?
No! Flamingos.

Time for lunch already.

A ringside seat of the fish in the aquarium.

Y4 Zoo '11 - 2

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