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11 March 2011 ~ Year 6 Junior Citizen Event-1


On Friday 11 March all of Year 6 attended Hillingdon Fire Station for 
the annual Junior Citizen event: an opportunity to test our understanding 
of the society in which we live and to learn how to be a 'good citizen' within it.

Here we all are, listening to the introduction to the morning's activities.

First, something about using public transport. 
We will increasingly need to use this, either with our friends or on our own 
to get around.  We need to know how to use it safely.

Using the bus...

... and the underground
Now, in these portacabins, some dangerous items...
knives drugs
We all listen carefully.

Y6 Junior Citizen '11 - 2

First uploaded: 26 March 2011
Last updated: 01 January 2019