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22 May 2012 ~ Year 6's Day at HOAC - 1


Tuesday 22 May, the SATs out of the way, and Year 6 headed for HOAC
(Hillingdon Outdoor Activities Centre).

Overseen by HOAC staff and the teachers, 
their day comprised a series of challenges.

Success in the challenges needed trust, teamwork, 
following instructions carefully, thinking through a problem,
and doing a job to the best of one's ability.

The spider's web... 
- selected people needed to get through without touching the threads

Avoiding the crocodile infested waters - not as simple as it might seem 
when the planks aren't long enough! 

Changing places without falling off - impossible?

Y6 HOAC '12 - 2

First uploaded: 09 June 2012
Last updated: 02 January 2019